Nice Kitty

When someone asks you if you want to take a tiger for a walk you say yes.  At least that is what I said this weekend at the Bowmanville Zoo.  Early Saturday morning I headed up to Bowmanville with Jamie-Leigh to go hang out with some animals and do blogging stuff. 

Craziest experience I have had in a very long time.

This happened: 


Robbie is one of the amazing big cats at Bowmanville Zoo and we were asked to go for a walk with him and Zoo Keeper Mike.  

What an amazing animal. 

ImageWhen a tiger wants you to pet him you do exactly that. Slowly.

ImageImageJust talking about life. No biggie. 

ImageTiger face rub. 

Now I bet you are wondering if I was freaking out.  The simple answer is yes.  The awareness that at any moment he could decide I was a good snack option was definitely there.  Robbie is huge and when he purrs its not exactly quiet.  Thankfully Mike was right there beside me with tiger treats so I felt quite safe.  

I really can’t put the feeling in words, but I know that is going to be a lifetime favourite memory of mine.  

There were a ton of other animals that were just as awesome. 

Here are some of my favourites.


Baby Lemur

There is nothing like getting a cuddle from a baby Lemur.  I was nearly crying she was so cute…and VERY soft.



Limba is a wonderful 50 year old Asian Elephant that has the sweetest dispostion.  We took her for a walk down to the creek to play in the water.  She LOVED the kids that were down there with us.  



This sweetheart wanted to hold hands.

My phone is FULL of pictures of all these amazing animals.

Bowmanville Zoo is a place like no other.  You can get so close to the animals and it is evident that they are pretty happy creatures.  

I highly recommend this place for any age to go visit.  I will definitely be going back again soon! 

2 comments on “Nice Kitty

  1. papa_rod says:

    WOW! Lucky! What an experience.

  2. Don Givelos says:

    You’ve got more ba..courage than I do! What an amazing experience.

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